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 My name is Joe Slaton. I have been turkey hunting since 1983 and have killed turkeys in several states, along with taking 3 Grand Slams and a Royal Slam of the wild turkey. My faith in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior has taken me to the next step in my life. I am husband to my wife Theresa. A father to my 3 children Tiffany, Jennifer, and Joey. A Papaw to 7 wonderful grandchildren. I have made many friends over the years while turkey hunting but none more important to me than my buddy Marvin Robbins. Marvin owned Timberline Turkey calls and we made plans to hunt together every year since 1990. His faith, Discipleship, and friendship has molded me to the man I am today. Marvin passed away while on a deer hunting trip in 2009. That prompted me to start my own turkey call company. I have been making my own mouth calls since 2004. I am an 15 time turkey calling champion and Grand National Gobbling Champion in 2015. I killed my 100th turkey in the spring of 2011 in Nebraska and have called in 3 times that many for other hunters. I love to introduce new hunters to turkey hunting and have called in several turkeys for first time turkey hunters. I teach several turkey hunting seminars each year and get excited to share my knowledge and experiences during these seminars. My love for turkey hunting and passion for Jesus Christ is the reason for Mother Lode Turkey Calls. I currently make my own Box calls, pot calls, trumpets, tube calls, Owl Hooter, Crow Calls and mouth calls. God Bless,



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Robin Risher Wesson MS.

 "These are the best mouth calls I have ever used" 

Tom McLemore Memphis TN

 "This is now my favorite pot call." 

Donnie Cagle Wesson MS

 "Love your mouth calls. They are the easiest calls to use." 

Shannon Kelly FL.

 "Your striker makes all my other calls sound better". 


 " the longbeard is by far the easiest diaphragm call I have ever blown. As a beginner I was able to get good sound out of it in a few days."